For the last tw…

For the last two weeks of August, nearly all the locals flee the island for vacation homes/ family plots/ any where not here. It makes for a helluva difference around the stores, kiosks and so forth. In fact it was nearly barren on my street…which is pretty rare. We’re right off of the main road and trucks just love using our street as a cut through despite the fact there is rarely enough room for them.

On top of the nearly barren Paphos, it has been rather nice with weather as well! It’s still in the low 30s but with a higher wind, making it feel much easier to handle. I hope this means the last of the summer heatwaves are long done. I had to run my AC all last week due to fighting off a sinus infection, an infected tooth leading to a root canal and a minor fever. That with another heatwave was just not within my level of sanity.

I feel better this week and plan to prep for the honeymoon and trip to the UK. The husband’s work mates have an interesting picture of me and it will be fun to see how to play with that.