About the Author

Several years ago I started chatting to a guy 5,000KM away from myself. I lived in Canada, he in the UK and though the time zones weren’t always friendly…we did manage to chat several times a week despite our schedules. We were both sixteen then and were very happy to just have someone unconnected to our day to day lives. Fast forward a few years and one spring I discover there might JUST be enough cash floating in my education fund to allow for a plane ride over the pond. I had another friend there, Lady S who I had known for six months longer then the other British resident I chatted to.  Mr. T and I met that trip and definitely felt a spark, big enough to lure me back again the next year for two months during my summer holidays.

Time moves along, Mr.T took a temporary job abroad a ship laying pipe on the sea floor and saves enough money to return the visit to me. A pattern emerges. We start to travel back and forth several times until the winter of 2009 when the question of marriage popped up. Tired of immigration being so difficult for him, the choice to leave Canada was made by myself. A lovely wedding was had on Nov 2010 and was witnessed by 25 of our closest friends and family. Dec 2010 saw me go in for surgery to remove my gallbladder after losing 60lbs (via working out and the clean eat diet) and a month later I started the journey to becoming a Canadian Expat.

I am Miss M (as I made this account before my marriage), Mr.T is my husband, Lady S is my dear friend from the UK and Her Majesty is my beloved mother. Oh and my father is Lordship C, king of the Pollacks (hehe)!

This blog is my day to day ramblings of various odd ball things that occur on the island of Cyprus as I (a Canadian born woman) adjust to tourists, strange food, living near in-laws and being away from home. The name of the blog agoulashofculture, stems from what goulash means to me. Growing up under a mixed eastern European family means goulash has a different combination based on the chef who made it. Always a random, yet addictive, mix of pasta, meat and veg that drew you back time and time again. No two people have the same recipe, no recipe has the same meaning for two people and yet we all know what the dish is. That coupled with the fact I am not only adapting to Cypriot lifestyles and culture but also the strong British population who also reside here and of course the fantastic British family I married into. So much mixture IS a goulash of something, so why not A Goulash of Culture?