Trials and Tribbles

by Miss M

As you know, I have had various levels of issues with Cablenet in Paphos over this last year. This has to do with the fact they don’t own the line, they rent it from Cyta and Cyta won’t deal with us because we’re not a direct customer of theirs. So we’ve been over to the MTN shop down the road and met the lovely staff there who were willing to give us a sim and a data plan to trial for a while after signing a cancel-at-any-time contract. Still unsure how a contract can be a contract if we can cancel or alter it at any time but this is Cyprus so who knows. At least they didn’t ask for a 500 euro deposit like Cyta did for my phone!
At any rate we have the sim card hooked up to the mobile phone modem (which acts like a normal modem but with a sim card instead of a cable to the tubes) and are currently giving it a go. Unfortunately we did only go for 2.5gig in the middle of the month which means we only got 1.25gig and that wasn’t much to use as our trial. So today we’ve gone over and ordered the bigger 25 gig package which allows us 9gig to use until the end of the month.

I’m impressed with it as a whole package, originally connected at 6meg a second and has been largely stable without overly changing to much. Though it did dip down to 2meg once or twice…that’s still okay as we’re lucky to see that off of our busted Cablenet connection.