by Miss M

Every six or so months, we decide to head to the capital to do a bit of shopping at the biggest mall in Cyprus (known as THE Mall of Cyprus in fact). This time I actually needed a few things from IKEA as my book collection has seemingly grown out of control for the little shelving unit that once dealt with them. I know better than to buy anything of that size within Paphos, to expensive! This trip up to Nicosia was very productive and we managed to remember to get quite a few things, only forgetting one or two. A record for us!

My prized find is this little book written in the early 1950s by a man who moved to Cyprus to find a job, buy a house and save until something better came along. It takes place before the island saw itself split into two so it’s interesting to see the perspective. I’ve already read a book in the past written in the view of some British Army wives during just before the divide, when the British were battling uprisings around the island. At any rate I am completely in love with the Bitter Lemons of Cyprus as it seems the author really hones into the whole personalty of the Cypriot people without any major judgements behind him.  I may need to read more novels like this in the future, I find them incredibly interesting. The whole different view sets behind each culture all trying to exist and some trying to outweigh others and all on this small little island.