Cypriot-Greek Weddings

by Miss M

This past weekend I was fortunate to go to my first Cypriot wedding. I am close friends with my lovely landlady and on Saturday her first born was getting married. The live music was probably my favourite part as it gave a good quality feel to the whole event. A great Grandmother of the groom’s sang every so often and did so quite well considering she looked to be in her 90s. It was really touching watching her try her hardest at singing in front of so many countless guests.

The mix of informal and formal was an interesting combo for me as in North America we don’t really do formal until you’re at the church/venue. However in a Cypriot ceremony there are priest involved long before you get to that part of the event. He blesses the basket holding most of the Groom’s clothing before the groomsmen dance around the husband-to-be several times each. The music kicks up a notch and the groom is dressed (including a public old school shaving). Afterwards the family members take a lovely red scarf (which rests on the grooms right shoulder) and make the cross over his upper body three times before passing it around his midsection a few more times. It can go on for quite some time as you can imagine and with the family I saw there it was ages of this.

Despite the fact we had nearly an hour of just that alone, I found it all to be amazingly sweet and touching. In a way it made me think about my own wedding which is just shy of being two years ago now. The groom took it all in stride and to his credit, didn’t look that nervous. Though I would have been, his wife-t0-be is easily one of the most beautiful Cypriot women I have ever seen. Her English is impressive as well…which is actually pretty shocking in this neighbourhood.

I wish I could have stayed for the whole thing but without my husband home, I am without a car and I adore the family to much to ask one of them to ferry me about on such an important day. Turns out that was a rather good choice as most of the main family did not come back until three am.

Still…I am very thankful to have witnessed that, weddings make me very happy.