Oh the intertubes!

by Miss M

For the last ten days we’ve been having a rather chaotic time with our internet. Typically we see about 3.6 to 4.3 meg and that’s a healthy speed for our area. Till three or four days prior to us returning, our internet took an almighty nose dive in speed. Barely recovering by the time we came back. It’s been stable to a degree since that fun fest and we can just about get back to normal behavour for our little network.

We’re not light users and routinely use every ounce of what they can dish out so when it faults…well we notice quickly. However this weekend…it didn’t just fault it down right failed. Page load times went up to nearly twenty seconds and wouldn’t even do a dns error. Our speed dropped to under 52kbps at one point and just about hit 1meg. I didn’t call in because it is incredibly hard to get Cablenet to pick up late on a Saturday. Sunday all things are closed and so the fun fest continued on and on. It resync’d at 1.5 and dropped back down to 512kbps which is slllloooooooow. DNS errors all over the place, load times were still horrible and nothing was playing ball.

I called them up and they did the typical “It’s not with us, it’s with Cyta so we can not fix the issue.” and since we’ve called Cyta in the past to complain they go to us “You’re not a direct costumer so we won’t deal with the issue”. Leaving us down right buggered. Again. You see this is the third time we have had to deal with an epic death match of the internet leading to our apartment. The line in the ground is ancient, faults constantly and is to expensive to replace. Since most Cypriots hardly do anything taxing to the line..nothing gets done.

Now we’re courting the major wireless providers including MTN, PrimeTel, Cyta and others like them. We’ve got a modem that needs a sim card with a data plan, after that we get whatever the company can output to us. Since my phone gets 2.6meg that means if we go with Cyta we will be no worse off than we were after the net stabilized at the end of last month. In theory it could be boosted to 5-10meg or higher, all the other companies promise that much.

Only time and trial/error may solve this and I hope we figure out which is best soon. I don’t think it’s all that fun to wait nearly 30 seconds for google.cy to load.