Dark Skies a Head.

by Miss M

Sadly, yet another friend is thinking about leaving the island due to the rising cost of electricity and the lowering of wages. This would be my third friend going back home in as many months. A part of me is happy that they are going home to enjoy family a lot more. A bigger part of me is extremely saddened by the fact so many are being faced with such hard choices. This is well before the IMF, the EU lot and whoever else makes up the big bad Big Three do their worst.

Cypriots aren’t spending money and Expats are running out of it, in this economy that spells pretty big doom and gloom. Spenders help keep the river flowing and moving during the driest and hardest economic conditions and typically the Cypriots are BIG spenders. However they are saving instead, a rare change of pace. Expats aren’t spending as much money any more as well for they have limited finances usually due to pensions coming in. This is quickly becoming Greece 2.0 if more smart spenders avoid doing what they do best.

We have plans if things get to the point of being horrible, going back to Canada is always an option for me. It complicates my husband’s plans if that becomes the final solution, he’s British after all and Canada has the worse immigration that I’ve faced. Friendly to locals and quite rude to regular¬†travelers. If you’ve been tracking this blog from the start…you know that’s what finally pushed me to move.

The other option is we apply for my British spousal visa which could be difficult as it’d mean going to the capital city a few times. To be honest it would be easier to apply from Canada, just based on traveling alone. Either way it is likely a year to two year wait for that.

Things are going to be complicated but that’s life!